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Apple Blossom: A delicate yet fresh fragrance of Apple Blossom; this has very light floral top notes with a tart fresh apple finish.

Bluebell: Coming Soon!

Casablanca Lily: Retired in 2017.

Citronella: Natural insect repellent; essential citronella with strong lemongrass notes. May to October Only

Chocoholic: A deep and rich smell of chocolate, like chocolate fudge icing. Not for the feint hearted, chocoholics only!

Coconut Cream: A deliciously smooth blend of creamy coconut with a hint of vanilla, a great summer fragrance!

English Rose: Fresh, sweet and homely, this classic deep rose fragrance is instantly recognisable.

Fresh Linen: Just like climbing into brand new sheets, this clean fragrance smells just like fresh linen.

Gingerbread: A rich, sweet and warm fragrance with hints of spice and vanilla.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine: A fresh blend, opening with the crisp sweetness of the honeysuckle and settling to a mellow, earthy Jasmine.

Juniper Breeze: Incredibly fresh tones of Juniper with a musky bottom note and hints of forest greens.

Lemon Cupcake: An edibly sweet fragrance of freshly baked cupcakes with hint of sharp lemon in the top notes.

Lemongrass & Lime: An exotic lemon and herbal aroma of lemongrass, complimented by the clean, refreshing citrus note of lime. A spa-like fragrance, making for a great air cleanser around the home.

Orange Zest: A burst of fruity fragrance with a hint of sharpness, like freshly squeezed juice.

Peppermint Cream: Fresh, strong and cool with a touch of sweetness. Online Exclusive.

Rich Fig & Melon: The rich yet fresh combination of fig and forest greens with a hint of melon give this fragrance a clean and indulgent quality.

Sea Salt & Verbena: A herbal blend of lush woodland greenery, sea salt and soft base notes of warm woods.

Spiced Apple: Beautiful crisp fresh apples blended with the warm and spicy notes of cinnamon, a seasonal favourite.

Very Berry: A deliciously fruity blend of strawberry, blackberry and blueberry.

White Musk: A classic and popular fragrance, lightly floral and highly feminine with a fresh, clean and smooth appeal.

Wild Lavender: This deep and fragrant Wild Lavender epitomises the scent of Lavender covered fields. It has more of a natural note than those you may find in toilettries and other home fragrance products. Fundraises for Hospice in the Weald.

Zen II: A robust, oriental wood fragrance with light floral notes.

We are always looking to add new fragrances to our collection so if you have a suggestion, please let us know!